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Inground Pool Mineral Systems
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Inground Pool Mineral Systems

The sunís rays (energy) are converted by photovoltaic cells to a low voltage electrical current, which slowly dissolves the sacrificial anode (the rod in the center of the cage that sits below the solar panels) releasing copper and zinc ions into the pool water. The combination of copper and other ions prevent the growth of microorganisms, eliminating algae and reducing chlorine demand.

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Lifeguard Purification Systems, LLC has adapted NASA technology to bring you the safest, healthiest, most cost effective way to purify your pool.

Safe variable low voltage DC current is conducted into the ionization chamber and electrolysis takes place. Positively charged ions of Copper and Silver are released; Copper is a natural toxin to algae and Silver to bacteria. The water is purified naturally by minerals with none of the detrimental side effects of chlorine. The water has a refreshingly clean and natural smell, soft to the touch, a glistening look, and a sweet, smooth mountain stream like taste. If you enjoy swimming, you'll love the MINERALIZER!

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