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Pools and Accessories

Above Ground Pools. These pools are affordable and will help turn a dull backyard into a fun place to spend those hot summer days. Choose from round or oval out of our many sizes, we are sure to have the right pool for your backyard!

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Keep your pool clean all year round! We carry all kinds of chemicals from pool start-up to winter closing kits. Keep your pool's pH and alkalinity levels on track.

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Explore our clearance items today! You will find Huge savings on several products ranging from Chemicals to Cleaners, Liners to Slides. Many products that you need for pool maintenance be found in clearance at much lower rates than many of our competitors.

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Filters are very important to every swimming pool. By filtering and circulating water, in-ground pool filters help to keep pool water clean and safe for swimming by removing debris and potentially harmful contaminants. Since in-ground pool filters perform such important tasks, it's vital to choose quality, reliable models that will provide a high level of performance on a regular, consistent basis. There are many different types of in-ground pool filters. You have sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters. Sand filters capture particles down to very small sizes, and does not have a true cut off size below which particles will always pass. The sand filter collects and attract the debris as small as 20 to 40 microns. Cartridge filters have a greater surface area than sand allowing for fewer clogs and easier maintenance. They run at lower pressure than sand which puts less back-pressure on the pump, providing more flow and turnover.Cartridge element filters trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns. Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) is mined and is the fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. They are used to coat "grids" in the filter housing and act as tiny sieves allowing for the removal of debris as small as 5 microns.

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FROG® is the only water care brand for pools and spas that incorporates the patented mineral technology. That means FROG® works to reduce the hassles of owning a pool or spa.

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Extend your pool season with the use of a heat pump for your inground or above ground pool. Energy effective and affordable, we carry a full line of heat pumps that will suit your needs.

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Looking for a new way to get in and out of your pool? Check out our full line of above ground safety, deck-mount and A-Frame ladders.

We also carry ladders for inground pool entry.

Safety Ladders are added to a step to give you a safe exit from the pool when you do not have a deck.

Deck-mount ladders mount to your pool deck and provide simple entry into the pool from the deck.

A-frame ladders are used on pools without a deck. With one side in the pool and the other on the ground these ladders offer great stability and easy entry and exit in and out of the pool.

Featuring several steps and brands we are able to provide many options to suit your budget and still offer the quality needed for safe ladder use.

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Do you need a replacement liner for your pool? Well look no further, we have a wide variety of patterns and styles to choose from, all at an affordable price. It doesn't matter if you're looking for we have what you need.

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Taking care of your pool has never been so easy. Minerals help control bacteria, prevent algae and keep the ph neutral so you can reduce chlorine use. Making it easier to keep your pool crystal clear all year round.

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Transform your pool into a crystal clear sanctuary with Zodiac's line of revolutionary Nature2. Nature2 is a natural, mineral-based pool sanitizer that creates a soothing environment free of the chemical odors and irritants found in most chlorine pool treatments.

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You and your family can start enjoying pristine water in your own backyard. The natural process of ozonation not only cleans the water in your pool, it purifies it.

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If you need a pool step for your swimming pool or step accessories for your swimming pool step. Then check out our selection of pool steps and accessories.

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Maintain your above ground pool with the proper pump system. We carry a full line of pool pumps Above Ground and Inground from name brands such as Hayward, Pentair and Jandy. Keep your pool clean and clear and pump your water through your filter system with a top of the line pool pump.

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Imagine having your own chlorine factory right in your pool! No more buying, storing or handling packaged chlorine again. Salt systems produces chlorine right in the swimming pool automatically & continuously.

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Swim'n Play offers a complete line of aluminum decks that fit a variety of pool sizes, round and oval, 52 and 48 inch deep. Make your pool the best and safest pool to swim in this summer!

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Keep track of your pool's pH and alkalinity levels with a chemical test kit. Test your pool water and keep it in line and safe to swim in all season long.

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Looking to stay cool this summer? Check out our full line of inground vinyl liner pool systems that are easy to install and very affordable! Ranging from various shapes and sizes, we gurantee that we have the perfect pool to fit your backyard. Our pool systems are available in steel, polymer or wood installation.

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Interfab Fill Spout. These extra ordinary fill spouts are a great addition for your swimming pool. Made with an Ultra Protect Sealant that makes the existence of rust impossible. A very exquisite design combined with the quality of stainless steel metal. Playing water games will be much more exciting with this spout. Better quality and design than the others!

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Interfab Stair Rails. These Interfab Stair Rails are made with durability in mind. Interfab offers a Variety of stair rails with many styles and features to choose from. A surface sealant is added to protect.

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If you need to replace your skimmer for an inground or above ground pool or if you are looking for some accessories, we have what you need just one click away. We carry standard skimmers and widemout skimmers and even conversion kits, plus some other items to help your skimmers work to their full potential.

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If you need anything for your above ground pool or liner then you have come to the right place. We carry all the right accessories from pool cove to vinyl liner repair kits. All at an affordable price and many in ready to ship kits to match your particular pool size.

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If you are looking to replace the coping on your inground pool or need just the right amount for your new inground pool, we have what you are looking for. We have a full line of bullnose and cantilever coping to hold your vinyl liner in place allowing you to enjoy your pool.

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Water is pumped into the pool through one, two or three large recessed jet nozzles mounted in an underwater housing. Capable of creating a current of 5000 GPM, the jets can be adjusted to provide resistance for an enjoyable, therapeutic walk, jog or swim, without the harmful pounding and jarring of street exercise. Also some systems come with a massage hose that can be attached to a jet nozzle that produces a pulsating, refreshing massage. The jet system acts like a treadmill in the water, offering unlimited long distance swimming.

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From wall brushes to leaf rakes and even vacuum hose, we have it all right here. We carry all kinds of maintenance equipment to keep your pool clean and ready to swim in this summer season.

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Nobody wants to swim in a pool full of dirt and debris! Keep your pool clean this summer with your choice of a pool cleaner. Choose from our wide variety of cleaners all made to accomodate you. Pick from pressure cleaners to suction cleaners we have what you need and the brand that you want all at an affordable price.

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No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine. A replacement cell automatically turns common salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine. For pool and spa water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

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Need to add chemicals to your pool but not sure how to do it? Check out our selection of floating or plummed chemical feeders. We even carry different types of chemical test kits to ensure that your pool's chemical levels are in tip-top shape.

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Keep your friends and family safe and prevent any accidental drowning with the use of a pool alarm. All of our pool alarms meet most county codes and offer you the best way possible to protect your pool from unauthorized entry.

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Keep your pool warm and extend your pool season longer. Even into the winter months. Heaters can also be used to add a little heat during pool season. You can also use a heater to run your spa.

We carry a full line of pool heaters for inground and above ground pools from name brands such as Hayward, Jandy, Raypak, and many others. We offer heaters that are run by natural gas, propane, or electric. With the many options of operation we are sure to have the heater for you.

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Get the system used by hundreds of thousands of Americans and save money on fuel and electricity bills, extend your swimming season by weeks, and get more enjoyment from your pool than ever before. Use the suns natural heat and keep your pool warm this season by using a solar heating system for your pool.

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Solar blankets and rings can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F. Keep the sun's natural heat inside your pool even after the sun goes down, or on cloudy days. You can rest assured that your pool will be nice and warm when you are ready to jump in and enjoy!

If you need to find an affordable way to keep your pool warm this season then you need to try our Solar Blankets / Covers.

Our durable solar blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F. Our blankets are made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. Our 8-mil and 12-mil blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and even on cool cloudy days. All of our blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight. Built to last and backed by a 3 or 5 Year Warranty you can rest assured that your pool will be nice and warm when you are ready to jump in and enjoy!

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If you own a solar cover then you know how difficult it can be to roll it up and lay it out everytime you want to use or cover your pool. Check out our affordable selection of solar reel systems to help you turn this tedious task into a quick and effortless job!

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Who says a pool is just for swimming? Add fun and excitement to your pool with one of our pool game systems. Easy to install with all the accessories needed to start having fun.

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For the small yet necessary items that are needed to connect your inground pool plumbing. Items such as elbows, main drains, flex hose and many more...

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Tired of the same old pool slides? Want style as well as fun? Check out the full line of Interfab and S. R. Smith swimming pool slides and turn a boring pool into an incredible backyard hang out!

There are many different types of slides available, from waterfall, to simple short slides. You can choose from various colors,sizes, and turn types. With many options to choose from we are bound to have the perfect slide to fit your budget and backyard design.

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Tired of that same old look and Want something new and stylish on your pool? Want to replace that old rusty diving board stand? Check out our full line of diving board systems, stands, and individual parts manufactured by Interfab.

Interfab is the largest manufacturer of diving boards within the United States. They manufacture a complete line of swimming pool diving boards that will make the kids happy and match your backyard décor beautifully. Check out our full line of diving boards and diving stands, which are available in a variety of colors that will coordinate perfectly with other Inter-Fab products.

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Worried you will forget to turn your pump on or off. Use a timer to keep your pool's function in line and on time. Set your timer and let it do the work for you, all you need to do is enjoy your pool!

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Turn your pool into a beautiful spectrum of color once the sun goes down. Choose from different types of lights which you can add to your pool and even fiber optic kits, and give your pool that extra glow. Perfect for night time parties and gatherings in your backyard.

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Protect your family and pets from accidental drowning with a safety cover. Safety covers also help keep leaves and debris out of your pool. Select from a wide variety of safety covers from solid to mesh. We are sure to have the safety cover that is right for you!

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We have all the items you need to get your pool ready for this winter season. Check out our wide variety of 8, 12, and 15 year winter covers, leaf nets, and accessories. Don't get caught this winter season with your cover off!

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Turn your ordinary pool into an awesome tropical oasis and make it stand out by adding a waterfall or fountain. With our different types of waterfalls and fountains we are sure to have what you are looking for to match your personality and make your pool dreams a reality.

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For summer fun in the sun, we have a full line of inflatable toys, loungers, games and even swim masks and goggles. Enjoy your summer and your pool with all these games and accessories guaranteed to help you relax and have fun!

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Add a touch of nature with our selection of landscape rocks and boulders. These real-to-life rocks can be mixed and matched to give your backyard that natural look. Place them around your pool landscape, in a garden or anywhere around your home.

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Landscape water features can add a tranquil scene and set the mood. Your back yard can be transformed into a relaxing oasis in a matter of minutes.

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An (ADA) compliant pool lift is the most economical & efficient solution to ADA compliance. Designed for in deck installation of in-ground pools, spas for all commercial and public pools, from large scale aquatic facilities including schools & university's, to fitness and recreational sports clubs, hotels, motels and more. Compliance is required by March 15, 2012 so don't wait.

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Do you need a replacement motor? Browse our wide variety of replacements motors from vendors like A.O. Smith and Marathon

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Controlling pool and spa operations couldn't be easier...or more convenient. Once the software is installed, you can control everything from pool and spa temperatures, jets, lighting, water features, remote video monitoring, and more...right from an iPhone or iPod touch. Imagine being able to easily turn on spa and adjust the desired temperature on the way home from work. Control all circuits (waterfalls, pool lights, fountains, and more) and review history of temperature, pool/spa, heater, and light operation. Remotely view live video on up to 4 video cames. *

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